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Make a difference in a child's life!

Together, we build resilience in children and help families repair and rebuild their family bonds.

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Building strong San Diego families since 1988

Hannah’s Family Center knows strong families are the essential foundation of a healthy community. For more than 32 years, we have helped San Diego families facing significant challenges and traumas to navigate unexpected loss and change and rebuild the foundation of their families, whether they are living together or separately. Early intervention is the key to preserving and strengthening families struggling with conflict, trauma and loss; and it is essential to building resilience in children and preventing physical, mental, emotional cognitive health issues in the next generation. Hannah’s Family Center offers over 40 different integrative services for families, including therapy; domestic violence intervention services; substance use assessment and treatment; parenting/co-parenting classes and coaching; supervised visitation and safe exchange; free support groups for parents; and free family resources for the San Diego community.

Please consider a monthly donation - it's a great way to support our cause without a big one-time hit to your wallet and ensure that more of your money goes to our mission by lowering transaction costs! Thank you for joining us and and other community partners as we work to build stronger, more resilient families and a healthier community for all of us.